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Ref: 998

Location: Oliveira do Hospital

Covering area: 461 m2

Adjoining building: 310 m2

Patio area: 430 m2

Price: € 50.000,00

Industrial warehouse located on the main road N17. Ample warehouse with a dining area, dressing room, reception area, bathroom, adjoining buildings for storage and garages. 1st floor with a large office. An excellent investment.


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Ref: 916

Location: Coimbra

Covering area: 450 m²

Price: € 57.000,00

Building consists of 3 floors with 150m2 each. Located in São Bartolomeu in Coimbra. Property in need of renovation. Commercial establishment on the ground floor. Property  well located in a shopping area, near the new station. A very good investment.




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Ref: 484

Location: Covilhã

Covering area: 800 m²

Total area: 1,800 m²

 Price: € 350.000,00

Industrial 2 floored warehouse situated in the Industrial Zone of Fundão. Ground floor: Composed of two distinct areas, the first has access to main road,  an ideal location to display products and have the customer service area, the second is  located at the rear of the building and is destined for the operational part of the business, you can find changing rooms for the employees and a high ceiling area with access to the street through two gates. 1st floor:  Located on this floor are the offices that comprise of seven rooms that are equipped with air conditioning, a  dining room and bathroom.

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Ref: 485

Location: São Pedro – Covilhã

Total area: 5,183 m²

Price: € 850.000,00

This project is located in the city of Covilhã, near the football field and it presents an integrated solution for the health and welfare of the local people.

Its privileged location offers tranquility and security to enjoy everything that the resort has to offer.

The space is divided into three separate and autonomous areas, offering a restaurant, a gym with sauna and swimming pool and a medical clinic.

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